New Course Proposals

Proposals for New Permanent Courses must be submitted on the New Undergraduate or Graduate Course Proposal Form via Curriculog, with a course syllabus attached.


The NEW course proposal form will be processed by

  1. Department Chair or School Director
  2. Library Liaison
  3. College Curriculum Committee
  4. College Dean
  5. AVP for Undergraduate Education or the AD for Graduate Studies (or designee)
  6. If approved, entered into the PeopleSoft Student Administration Course Catalog (CMS Catalog) for scheduling

The AVP or AD may elect to bring any curricular proposal to the Undergraduate Studies or Graduate Studies & Research committees, especially if there are significant current or potential future resources involved.

Accessible Course Syllabus

All syllabi must be accessible and meet all guidelines in senate policy S16-9. You can find the accessible syllabus template at the Center for Faculty Development.

You may attach a syllabus in PDF or Microsoft Word files or include a link to a syllabus website or GoogleDoc. 

Assessable Course Learning Outcomes

The below resources are something faculty not familiar with this process might find useful. Faculty might find it useful to schedule a meeting with the University Director of Assessment.

Need Help?

Faculty might find it useful to schedule a meeting or contact with the University Curriculum Analyst if you need any guidance.