Inactivating and Reactivating Courses

To reactivate or inactivate a course it must be done through the Graduate and Undergraduate Programs curriculum management system Curriculog. Outlined below is process for inactivating a course and what consitutes a reactivation versus a new course.

Courses not offered in at least two calendar years may be inactivated via to the GUP unoffered course review and inactivation process. This is allowable under university policy S00-6. Departments are consulted prior to inactivation.


Inactivating a course

Course inactivations can be submitted at anytime (previous year), however they will only be made effective for Fall semester (i.e. a Spring 18 submission is effective Fall 19), as they can impact program requirements. To inactivate a course complete the following:

  1. Identify if course is used in any other department. If so, alert the department(s) of your intent to inactivate course.
  2. Complete the Course Inactivation form on Curriculog (same form for both graduate and undergraduate courses). You must include the most current syllabus for the course for GUP archive.
  3. Remove course from any catalog, elective lists or other program materials.


Reactivating a course

A course reactivation is possible IF there are limited adjustments to course set up. Limited adjustments to title, description and prerequisites are allowable for a course reactivation. Major changes to course title, description, units, or course classification does not constitute a reactivation and therefore should be submitted as a new course. To reactivate a course please complete the Course Reactivation form on Curriculog, a current syllabus will be required.

Preference for reactivating a course is that the submission follow the normal curricular calendar: November 1 for Fall (of previous year) and May 20th for Spring (of previous year). However, we understand that in some cases last minute reactivations may be needed. In these cases final deadline for Fall scheduling is February 1st, and September 1st for Spring offerings.