General Education


A university brings together many separate areas of learning, yet it is more than just a collection of specialized disciplines. The SJSU General Education Program incorporates the development of skills, the acquisition of knowledge, and the integration of knowledge through the study of facts, issues, and ideas. Regardless of major, all who earn undergraduate degrees should share common educational experiences, as they become university scholars. In combination with major, minor, and elective courses, the General Education curriculum should help students attain those attributes found in an educated person.

The SJSU GE Guidelines require that General Education courses be assessed to measure if students are meeting the GE learning objectives.

Visit these pages for information and a listing of existing CORE GE Requirements and SJSU Studies courses.

General Education Advisory (GEAC) Committee (formerly BOGS)

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GE Assessment

GE Coordinator Responsibilities

GE Guidelines

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GE Objectives

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