Connie L. Lurie College of Education

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The Connie L. Lurie College of Education offers credential and graduate programs that prepare teachers, administrators, and counselors for K-12 settings. We also offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Child and Adolescent Development (ChAD) and Communicative Disorders and Speech Pathology (CD&S). There are 7 departments in the College and all programs except for the ChAD BA and MA and the CD&S BA are accredited by NCATE/CAEP and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). The MA in Speech Pathology (CD&S) is also an ASHA accredited program.

Credit Hour Assessment

College of Education Credit Hours Tracking Report


The mission of the Lurie College of Education is to prepare educators who will enhance the quality of education for all students in our culturally diverse, technologically complex world.

Our Basic Values

      • Respect and appreciation for diversity
      • Promotion of equity and access to quality education
      • Excellence through scholarly activity and reflective professional practice
      • Continual professional and personal growth
      • Ethical, collegial, and humane interpersonal relationships as a basis for community

College-Wide Assessment Program*

College-Wide Accreditation Standards*

College-Wide Assessment Documents & Reports* 

In addition to these reports, the Professional Education Data System/PEDS Report and the NCATE Annual Report - Part C are also completed annually.  An Improvement Accountability Plan Report is additionally submitted to the CSU Chancellor's Office annually.  These reports are in password-protected databases, and can examined if necessary with the Associate Dean of the College of Education.  

Department Assessment Information & Reports



*College-Wide activities apply to the credentialed and associated MA degree programs.  Both Child and Adolescent Development (ChAd) programs and the undergraduate Communicative Disorders and Sciences (CD&S) undergo the university program planning and annual assessment processes.