MA Applied Anthropology Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcome

Operationalized Assessment Objectives

1. Research methods and models

  • Understand the range of anthropological research methods.
  • Ability to conduct research relevant to problem solving in various settings for different clients/partners.

2. Models of research

  • Know basic models of applying anthropology in different settings and have the skills to function as practitioners of several models.

3. Knowledge of the discipline

  • Be knowledgeable about (1) the discipline of anthropology in general and how it contributes to understanding and improving contemporary society, and (2) a particular field of anthropology in greater depth.

4.Domains of application

  • Ability to function effectively in at least one content area or domain of application.

5.Professional practices

  • Understand personal, political, and ethical issues inherent in research and application

6.Professional applications

  • Develop professionally as practitioners with skills in contracting. Project management, and budgeting.
  • Ability to communicate about project goals and findings and the discipline of anthropology to diverse audiences.

7. Regional and global connections

  • Knowledgeable about the region as a social and cultural system with complex state, national, and global connections.