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SJSU Closing the Loop Rubric. This is a draft rubric under development at SJSU. 

WASC Rubrics:

AAC&U worked on VALUE rubrics for some of the harder areas to assess including(16 in all): Inquiry and analysis, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Written communication, Oral communication, Reading, Quantitative literacy, Information literacy, Teamwork, Problem solving, Civic knowledge and engagementÑlocal and global, Intercultural knowledge and competence, Ethical reasoning (pdf), Foundations and skills for lifelong learning, Integrative Learning

The CSU offers sample rubrics.

Departments are encouraged to share rubrics on this page. When offering rubrics for posting, please be aware that you are offering them as documents for others to use/and or adapt as they please. If you wish to retain copyright, or simply to be cited for developing please do not share with this site.Nutrition and Information Science student internship rubric

Engineering Lab rubric

Psycology Group Work rubric

Engineering Design of Experiment rubric

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