General Education Assessment

The SJSU GE Guidelines require that General Education courses be assessed to measure if students are meeting the GE learning objectives. In accordance with Academic Senate Policy S09-2, annual reports are to be submitted electronically to the Office of Undergraduate Education ( by October 1.

 GE Annual Course Assessment Form

 GE Annual Course Assessment Form (Blank) [.doc]


GE Assessment Schedule Form(s)


Area A

  • Area A1 [.doc]
  • Area A2 [New GELOs from University Policy S14-5] [.doc]
  • Area A3 [New GELOs from University Policy S14-5] [.doc]

 Area B

 Area C

 Area D

 Area E

 American Institutions 

 SJSU Studies


Assessments Submitted by Area

 Annual GE Assessment Reports & Schedules  submitted (by GE Area)


Helpful Handouts

 Integrative Learning (highly recommended for multi-semester integrated course sequences) [pdf]


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