Karina Avalos

karina avalos

Acadmic Advisor


Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies - Emphasis in Cross-Cultural Studies

The National Hispanic University, San José, CA

Before joining HASSC, Karina served in the Office of the Registrar for five years. First, Karina worked as a Student Services Specialist supporting students with registration and maintaining academic records. Later, as an Undergraduate Graduation Evaluator for the College of Health & Human Sciences (CHHS), Karina advised graduation candidates on appropriate classes needed to achieve completion and served as student advocate in matters related to academic record appeals.

Karina is continuously inspired by the power of personal transformation. For her, students of all ages embody that life force. School, she believes, is a place where we may come to satisfy our curiosities and to begin to explore our connection to the world and beyond, to the mystery of our being. 

During her free time, Karina enjoys drawing, writing, as well as playing with her nephew, dog and friends over at the Movement Cult. Karina is a first-generation college student of Mexican decent, and an East San Joséan.