Student Coordinators



  Sean O'Connell


  BA - Environmental Studies (Spring 2023)

  Minor in Philosophy


Sean joined the H&A Student Success Center in August 2020 as a Student Coordinator. He is a second year Environmental Studies Major with a Minor in Philosophy. Prior to joining the team, he was an Orientation Leader in New Students and Family Programs at San Jose State, and helped incoming students transition to our university.

Sean was born and raised in the little beach town of Santa Cruz, California, known for its beautiful beaches, surf, and environmental activism. Due to his environmentalist upbringing, Sean is dedicating his college career to exploring how we as a world can sustainably move towards a greener, healthier, and more purposeful future. He has also found an incredible passion for teaching as well, and is considering leaning towards a teaching profession, whether in high school or at a university. 

Some fun facts about Sean:

  • He plays Jazz piano, and has been playing for 11 years

  • Surf’s regularly, but is still a kook at heart 

  • Loves to be in nature (especially in the redwood forests near his home)

  • He recently found a passion for philosophy, and now consistently ponders the realities of life, but what can you expect from a philosophy minor :)

  • Plans to visit New Zealand and Ireland one day and hike the hills