Exploring & Changing Majors and Minors



Exploring H&A

Thank you for your interest in the College of Humanities and the Arts (H&A)! If you are an undeclared student or if you just want to learn more about a specific major or minor within our college, please contact a faculty advisor in the department to discuss your area of interest and learn more about the program.

You may want to consider speaking with a career specialist to discuss your future plans, and how what you study can get you to what you want. See our Humanities and the Arts Advising page for a full list of our major programs.

If you have decided that you would like to pursue a major and/or minor within the College of Humanities and the Arts, follow the next steps below.


Petition Submission Windows

These petition submission windows only apply to Change of Major/Minor petitions for students with 90+ units.

The H&A Student Success Center maintains submission windows in order to ensure that Change of Major/Minor forms are processed in a timely manner by the end of the semester. Change of Major/Minor form submissions are due by close of business (5:00 PM) on the last respective day stated below.

  • Fall Semester: Second Monday of September through December 1st.

  • Spring Semester: Second Monday of February through May 1st.

  • Summer Session: Second Monday of June through August 1st.

If a date for deadline change of major/minor submission falls on a weekend, or on a day when campus is closed for any reason, the deadline will be moved to the next open campus business day.

The H&A Student Success Center does not currently accept Change of Major/Minor requests for processing during Winter Session, and encourages students to submit them during the Spring Semester window.

Special exceptions exist for individuals where these guidelines would interfere with graduation, and other academically-related reasons as explained below. 


Deadline Exceptions

  • Students who are graduating in the current term that they are attempting to change their major/minor will be allowed to submit petitions until the last day of the term (see Office of the Registrar’s academic calendar for specific date). A copy of the application for graduation and other supporting documentation is required, and the student must meet with an H&A Student Success Center advisor to review all documents.

  • Students whose acceptance into a program is dependent on a portfolio review will be allowed to submit petitions through the last day of final exams in a given term.


Before Changing Your Major

Before you change or add a major/minor, keep in mind that the College will consider the following factors when reviewing your request.

  • If the requested major/minor will result in you having more than 150 cumulative units earned at graduation, your request will not be approved.

  • If you are on academic probation, where your cumulative SJSU GPA is below 2.0, your request will not be approved.

  • The BFA Animation/Illustration program does not currently accept any individuals through the Change of Major/Minor process. The program only accepts students at the time of entry into the University through Freshman or Transfer admission.


Petition Process

To be eligible for a change of major or minor, you must be a matriculated student at SJSU in good academic standing. Please note that submitting a change of major form does not necessarily guarantee admission into the requested major/minor. 

Please use the form applicable to you and follow the instructions.

FOR FALL 2020 AND BEYOND: Inquire with the department for the appropriate paperwork to facilitate the process.The submission process is online through DocuSign.

Fewer than 90 Units [pdf] Greater than 90 Units [pdf]
Fill-in applicable form fields. Fill-in applicable form fields.
Acquire advisor signatures. Acquire advisor signature.
  Acquire Dept Chair signature.
Your form is only valid for
one month from the first signature. 

Attach the following to the form: 

Unofficial transcript

 Attach the following to the form:

  1. Unofficial transcript 
  2. Personal statement
  3. Major/minor forms of current            major (and minor if applicable)
  4. Major/minor forms of requested        major and/or minor.
Deliver form to "Window R" in the Student Services Center  Deliver all forms to H&A Student Success Center.
Wait for notification.  Wait for notification.



We will notify you within 5-7 business days regarding the status of your request for Change of Major/Minor forms with 90+ units. During this time, the H&A Student Success Center evaluates all documentation in order to determine whether the student is within University guidelines and will graduate in a timely manner.

  • If your request is denied, we encourage you to meet with an H&A Student Success Center Academic Advisor to discuss your options.

Form submissions for under 90 units will be under evaluation of the Office of the Registrar, and any questions can be directed to partner campus offices for assistance.