Academic Notice

There are several types of academic notices, the types that students will typically encounter are academic notice, and administrative-academic notice.


Academic Notice

Academic notice is the result of having a cumulative SJSU GPA lower than 2.0. Academic notice only takes into account the performance of classes taken at SJSU, and transferred course grades do not impact the GPA used to determine probation.

While on academic notice, students need to make an effort to earn a term GPA (semester GPA) of at least 2.0 in order to remain enrolled at SJSU. If at any point a student fails to earn a term GPA of 2.0 while on probation, they may be disqualified.

I'm not doing well this semester. Will I be on academic notice? One poor semester does not always put someone on academic notice. Students with a history of struggling in courses or without a long history of coursework (first-semester freshman, first-semester transfer) may be more at-risk. Speak with an academic advisor at the H&A SSC about your concern.

What happens if I am on academic notice? The H&A Student Success Center will contact you about the Bounce-Back Program, which will help you return to good academic standing.

How can academic notice impact me? In several ways, including eligibility for merit-based scholarships or need-based scholarships that require a minimum GPA, ability to get internships, and students cannot graduate with a GPA below 2.0.

My GPA is above 2.0, but I was still placed on academic notice. Why? There is more than one type of academic notice. It is possible that you failed to finish a specific requirement (e.g. did not complete A2 and B4 in your first year). Read below for more information.

For more information, read this page on Academic Notice


SI Administrative-Academic Probation

Supplemental Instruction Administrative-Academic Probation is another form of probation that can result from various reasons. The three main reasons are:

  • Withdrawal from all or a substantial portion of a program of studies in two successive terms or in any three terms. A student whose withdrawal is directly associated with a chronic or recurring disability or its treatment is not subject to administrative-academic probation for such withdrawal.
  • Repeated failure to progress toward the stated degree or other program objective, including that resulting from assignment of 15 units of “NC”, when such failure appears to be due to circumstances within the student’s control.
  • Failure to comply, after due notice, with an academic requirement or regulation which is routine for all students or a defined group of students (examples: failure to complete a required CSU or campus examination, failure to complete a required practicum, failure to satisfy GE Areas A2 and B4 by the beginning of the 2nd year, failure to comply with professional standards appropriate to the field of study, failure to complete a specified number of units as a condition for receiving student financial aid or making satisfactory progress in the academic program).

I am on SI Administrative-Academic Probation. What do I do? You will want to discuss your status with an advisor. Ensure that you have all necessary/applicable documentation or paperwork addressing your situation.

For further information, read this section on SI Administrative Academic Probation. 



Bounce-Back Program (BBP)

The Bounce-Back Program is the H&A Student Success Center's mandatory system to help guide students on academic notice to return to good academic standing.

In the Bounce-Back Program, you can expect to be assigned to a specific advisor, who will provide you specialized support tailored to your own unique situation, and help direct you to resources to help you find strategies to succeed.

What will be required in the BBP? The BBP will involve participation in a set of Canvas activities, including workshops, and creating an action plan with your assigned academic advisor.

Is BBP a class? Is it worth units? The BBP is not a class, and is not worth any units towards graduation.

I am on academic notice but I do not want to participate in the BBP. How do I get off? If you are in the College of H&A and are on academic notice, participation in the BBP is mandatory. Non-compliance will result in being restricted from enrolling in classes for future semesters.