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Get Ready

You'll receive an invitation to the Humanities and The Arts Frosh Orientation Canvas course during the second week of June; make sure you keep checking your SJSU email account! Once you accept the course, please review the information before your scheduled orientation. 

The course is designed to help you understand your degree requirement, connect you to resources that you need to make a smooth and successful transition to college, and prepare you to successfully complete the registration process and have a full course load for your first semester at SJSU.

The course includes thematic discussion forums that are designed to build a learning community. Please feel free to submit questions that you might have about your degree or registration in the appropriate discussion forum. 



Frosh orientation is a two-day event. On day one, you will be engaged in NSFP orientation programming and attend a College Welcome session in the afternoon. This session aims to introduce you to the college and the dedicated team of academic advisors who are here to support you from orientation to graduation! You will receive resources and information during the college welcome session on day one to ensure a successful registration session the following day.  Day two consists mainly of reviewing degree requirements and assisting students with registration issues. You will leave day 2 with your full load of courses for Fall 2021. 


Next Steps

Now that you have completed orientation and you have a your first semester courses squared away, here are few tips to help you prepare for your first day of instruction and the beginning of the Fall semester.