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El Camino Health Grant

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The Health Development Community Clinic (HDCC) recently received its first private grant from El Camino Health. Through a competitive application process, the HDCC was awarded $25,000 to provide Behavioral Health Screenings and Behavioral Health Workshops to young people receiving services through the HDCC. The HDCC uses an interdisciplinary, team-based approach to lead services through screenings, short-term interventions, outreach and education, and targeted referrals. Under the supervision of Cara Maffini, Matthew Capriotti, and Nidhi Mahendra, our graduate students who are involved in providing services will expand their skills as they work in interdisciplinary teams and become immersed in community-engaged service delivery.

The HDCC maintains an active partnership with East Side Union High School District. The HDCC is located on the campus of Oak Grove High School and serves the communities of South and East San Jose. Through primary prevention and community outreach and education, the HDCC employs a no-cost model of care and builds on individual, family, and community strengths; connects families with existing resources; and provides culturally- and linguistically-responsive, trauma-informed services to meet the wide-ranging needs of children, youth, and families.

In addition to providing high-quality medical care to our community, El Camino Health commits resources to our community for health education and disease prevention, particularly for the under served and at risk. Through their Community Benefit Program, grants and sponsorships are awarded to programs that meet the specific needs of our local population. To qualify for funding, a program must address one of the following health needs: Healthcare Access & Delivery, Behavioral Health, Diabetes & Obesity, Chronic Conditions, and Economic Stability. El Camino Health is a long-term partner of SJSU programming, and we are delighted to again be partnering with them to meet the health needs of community members who are underserved, experiencing health disparities, and/or facing health challenges. "We are grateful for El Camino Heath's support and investment in the work of the HDCC,” said Dean Heather Lattimer. “El Camino Health is a valued partner, and SJSU deeply appreciates their community-engagement and collaboration.”

Lofgren presented a $500,000 check for the San Jose State University’s Healthy Development Community Clinic

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October 11, 2022
Lofgren presented a $500,000 check for the San Jose State University’s Healthy Development Community Clinic for their joint project with the East Side Union School District that provides families with healthcare services, while also  helping advance graduate students’ education through in-the-field professional experience.
“I find it inspiring that SJSU’s College of Education is taking advantage of their expertise on campus – the professors and students focused on child development, speech pathology, therapy, and more – to help underserved children, adolescents, parents, and families in San Jose,” said Lofgren. “It’s a win-win-win – for families, graduate students, and our community as a whole.”

“We are very grateful to Rep. Zoe Lofgren for her support of the Healthy Development Community Clinic,” shared Heather Lattimer, Dean of San Jose State University’s College of Education. “This federal investment will allow us to significantly expand the education, mental health, and wellness services that the HDCC is able to offer to children and families in the East San José community.”

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