At Home with President Papazian

A vlog series hosted by President Papazian where campus and community leaders will join to discuss important topics and issues at SJSU.

Episode 2: Class of 2020


Episode 1: Fall Planning


A Student Affairs-led project, these peer-to-peer videos provide SJSU students tips on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Coronavirus Tips: Practice Social Distancing


Coronavirus Tips: Avoiding Misinformation



Stop the Spread of Germs


COVID-19 Best Practices

COVID-19 Best Practices, Produced by TransPerfect


Watch in Spanish: Mejores Prácticas de COVID-19, Producido por TransPerfect

Watch in Chinese: TransPerfect製作的COVID-19最佳做法视频

Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office

COVID-19 Hate Crime PSA-English (Mar. 30, 2020)


WHO: FAQ and Preventative Care

(WHO) How to protect yourself against COVID-19 (Feb. 28, 2020)


(WHO) What can people do to protect themselves and others from getting the new coronavirus? (Feb. 5, 2020)