Blue and gold infinity symbol with SJSU Adapt within each loop.

San José State University’s Adapt plan features a four-phase approach for the continuation of campus operations. These phases align with Santa Clara County Public Health Department and state public health guidelines, and have received approval from the California State University Office of the Chancellor. Information in the plan is subject to change.

Four circle icons indicate the four phases with phase three as current stage.

Currently in Phase 3: Hybrid Campus

“Phase 3: Hybrid Campus” of the SJSU Adapt plan includes: The Santa Clara County health order is still in effect for specific populations at greater risk for infection, essential staff and staff who are not effectively able to perform critical responsibilities remotely continue to report to campus, additional staff may be permitted to work on campus with manager permission, telework is still highly encouraged and education takes the form of a hybrid learning modalities with proper safety and distancing protocols in place. Visit the Phases page to learn more about the four phases of the plan.

Students in masks walking by a color mural.

Spartan Community Promise

I am committed to prioritizing my health and well-being as well as that of my family, friends, colleagues, classmates, university, and community. I promise to be socially responsible and do my part to protect the health of the Spartan Community. Share your commitment on social media by using the #SJSUnited hashtag.