Rob Cirivilleri




San José State University


San José State University


DMH 141





Areas of Interest

  • Medieval History, Canon Law
  • Ancient Greek and Roman History
  • Biblical Studies, History of the Ancient Near East
  • Early American History, the History of American Music
  • Critical Thinking and the Historical Process


"Marriage and Canon Law: Consanguinity, Affinity and the Medieval Church (996–1215)," (MA thesis, San José State University, 2000).


Robert Cirivilleri was born and raised in the Santa Clara Valley. He studied philosophy and theology at the University of San Francisco and Graphic Design at the San Francisco Academy of Art before transferring to San José State University to complete his B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Graphic Arts in 1985. Following a year abroad, studying French language and culture at the Universite d' Aix-Marseilles III, and traveling widely throughout Europe, he returned to work in the airline industry for several years before pursuing a Masters Degree in Medieval History at San José State University. Upon completion of his degree in 2000, he taught American History at Evergreen Valley Community College and Latin at Hillbrook School in Los Gatos before beginning his career as a lecturer at San José State University.

His teaching specialties include United States History, Critical Thinking and World History. His particular areas of interest include Medieval and Renaissance studies, Ancient Greece and Rome, and in the field of American studies, a special interest in Colonial history, the Civil War, and the American Musical tradition.