Important Reminders for History Graduate Students

Prospective Students and the Application Process

  1. Remember to take full advantage of the information and forms at Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations. All applications must be made online.

  2. Students will only be admitted in the fall semester. The deadline for applications is April 1 and for supporting documents, April 20, for the following fall.

  3. No application will be reviewed by the History Graduate Committee in the spring until the following are received by the History Graduate Adviser, and all must be received by April 20:
    • Two letters of reference;
    • A statement of purpose;
    • A writing sample;
    • Unofficial Transcript(s); and
    • A copy of your application.

Important Note for Students Re-Applying to the Program, or in "Lapsed" Status

If you fail to enroll in classes in the program for two successive semesters, Graduate Studies will drop you from the program. (If you do not enroll for one semester your status is unaffected). When Graduate Studies drops you from the program, you must formally reapply for admission. Please note that there is NO guarantee that you will be re-admitted simply because you were formerly in the program.

For further details see Admissions Procedures and Information.

Important Reminders and Deadlines for Current Graduate Students

  1. All conditionally classified graduate students should apply for classified status at least a semester before they graduate. See the graduate advisor when filing this petition.

  2. All students should file for Candidacy at least a semester before they intend to graduate. See the Graduate Advisor when filing this petition. Obtain a record of the courses you have taken before seeing him/her. To obtain a record of the courses you have taken, log in to MySJSU and look under the heading "academic history."

  3. Enrollment in a Master's program at SJSU does not mean that you will automatically be awarded a degree. You will need to initiate the process by completing the Application for Award of Master's Degree Form and submitting it to Graduate Studies and Research. (The form is available at the Graduate Studies Website). The deadline for submission of this document usually comes near the beginning of the semester. (See the Graduate Studies website for deadlines). The History Graduate Advisor does not sign this form, so it is up to you to complete it and submit it in a timely manner. You must have candidacy approval from the Graduate Studies Office before this application will be accepted. There is no fee with this application if you are a current student. However, if you do not complete requirements for the degree in the semester for which you apply, it will be necessary for you to complete a Reactivation Form and pay a $10 fee.

  4. These forms may be downloaded and printed out from Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations.

  5. If you are filing (completing) your thesis, you must do so by a deadline usually about half way through the semester in which you intend to graduate. Go to Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations for these deadlines.

The Seven Year Limit for Completion of the M.A. Program

You have seven years to complete your M.A. program. Courses that are more than seven years old drop off your record.