Assessment—BA Program Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes (BA History)

  1. Describe and explain how peoples and societies evolve across time and space demonstrating the importance of context (social, political, economic, cultural, environmental, ideological, and technological).
  2. Illustrate the complexity of historical causality and describe past events from multiple perspectives.
  3. Analyze the credibility of historical sources and arguments, revising interpretations as new evidence warrants.
  4. Conceive and carry out historical research, constructing persuasive evidence-based arguments using primary and secondary sources according to recognized standards of the historical discipline.


Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes (BA Social Science Teacher Preparation)

  1. The major will provide students with the opportunity to learn and apply content knowledge, discipline- specific analysis skills, and pedagogical methods and theories that underlie the K-12 social science curriculum.
  2. The major will prepare prospective teachers to analyze complex discipline-based issues especially as they relate to the theory and practice of teaching social science. Students will learn to synthesize information from multiple sources and perspectives and communicate this knowledge effectively in a variety of oral and written formats.
  3. The major will equip students with the necessary knowledge to use appropriate technologies especially as they relate to K-12 social science teaching.
  4. The major will provide students with the essential understanding, knowledge and  appreciation of diverse perspectives and contributions by and about diverse groups. 
  5. The major provides prospective teachers with planned, structured field experiences in classrooms; the field experiences are linked to coursework and give breadth of experience with diverse populations.