If you need assistance with your written assignments please use these excellent resources to help you write high quality papers. You can also find some excellent resources online. We hope you will find these resources helpful!


We also suggest reading a high quality newspaper on a regular basis. This will expose you to good, if not great writing and is highly recommended, especially for a political science major. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post and realistically, any major sized city newspaper read on a regular basis will, in the long run help your writing skills.

On Campus Resources

  • Peer Connections Center
    Student Services #600
    The staff here will be happy to work with you and help you with your assignments.
    You can find out more at  Peer Connections.
  • Writing Center
    Clark Hall, Suite #126
    The writing center will work with students in a one on one setting to help students in all phases of writing.
    You can find out more at the Writing Center.
  • The Peer Mentor Center
    1st Floor Clark Hall
    The peer mentor center is staffed with expertly trained undergraduate students whose job is to assist students in many different capacities, including writing assistance. You can drop in and arrange to meet with one of the many peer mentors on duty.
    You can find out more at Peer Mentor.

History Databases

Online Resources

In Addition to the excellent resources on campus, there are several academic websites that have developed excellent online writing assistance programs. Three of the many well regarded of these online sites are: