People’s Budget of San José

If you live, work, or go to school in San José, we encourage you to take our 10 minute survey to share your own thoughts about community safety.

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Background Report [pdf]

The People’s Budget of San José is a collaboration between the Human Rights Institute and Sacred Heart Community Services. The project grew out of social movements and protests in San José and across the country to reexamine community safety and policing. The background and project context can be found in our initial report, released in October 2020.

Focus Group Report [pdf]

The first phase of the project was a series of focus group discussions and public conversations to learn about people’s experiences of community safety, attitudes towards the police, and views on the city budget. These conversations were hosted by over a dozen community organizations. A group of Human Rights Institute faculty analyzed the data from the conversations and released a report with the findings from these discussions in September, 2021.

The community conversations also informed the creation of a public survey to assess, at a population level, people’s thoughts about community safety, policing, and alternatives to policing that are being considered by municipalities throughout the Bay Area and the country.

The survey is for people who live, work, or attend school in San José. Please take this 10 minute survey and share your own experiences and perspectives on how to build a safer community. Then, send the survey to your friends and family so they can share their ideas, too!

Please take our People's Budget of San Jose survey here