Voices of Health Science

People find their way to SJSU Health Science from many different life and academic paths – and then go on to find a “home” in the department that suits their interests, priorities, and career paths.

 Read below to see what some of our recent students say about why they chose SJSU Health Science.

Claudia Gonzalez  

Claudia Gonzalez chose Health Science after starting SJSU as a Biology major.

Aemal Aminy  

Aemal Aminy found Health Science after a successful career in business

Mory Chhom  

Mory Chhom earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and came back a few years later for her MPH degree.

Daniel Mejia  

Daniel Mejia found his current position at Kaiser Permanente through an internship while a senior in Health Science.

Mindy Johal  

Mindy Johal is returning to SJSU Health Science for her master’s degree (online format) after a few years working in health care after her B.S. degree.

Yaseen Matar  

Yaseen Matar was the first in his family to earn a college degree.

Cassie Garcia  

Cassie Garcia loves working in our department’s community project Salud Familiar en McKinley.

Arcadi Kolchak  

Arcadi Kolchak works for a local California Assembly member.