Apply for the Major

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Apply for the Major

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  1. Review our website to get further acquainted with Recreation Therapy.
  2. If you wish to change majors, please fill out the correct change of major form
  3. If you have more than 90 units you must also fill out the MAJOR FORM.
  4. Print your unofficial transcripts.
  5. Submit the following documents to the Health Science & Recreation Department office, SPX 212: (1) your change of major form, (2) unofficial transcripts, (3) Major Form (only if you have over 90 units). 

All students require an academic plan and formal advising.

If you have been accepted to the major or if you are interested in becoming a major please respond to each question below and email them to Dr. Suzy Ross.

1. List all RECL courses you have completed.

2. Have you have taken: PSY 01, PSY 110, Anatomy/Physiology, HS 15?

3. Have you have passed the WST?

4. Please identify how many lower GEs you have yet to complete?

5. Please list the upper GEs courses you have complete (R, S, V, and/or Z)?

6. List any/all non-GE classes courses you have taken that are not required for Recreation Therapy (Examples: pre-requisites/requirements for a different major or classes you completed for fun).

7. How many units would you like to take per semester (workload)?

8. Write your cumulative GPA.

9. Write your total accumulated SJSU units.

10. Your student ID number.