Humanities Honors & Advanced Honors Programs


Artwork by: Mariana Miranda, Humanities Honors alumna, 2016 cohort


Humanities Honors and Advanced Honors at SJSU – What’s it all about?

No matter where you chose to go on your educational path at San José State and beyond, no matter what career you pursue after you graduate, studying the integration of important cultural and scientific ideas will benefit you.  The Humanities Honors and Advanced Honors Programs at SJSU are exemplary means to realize the university’s General Education learning goals of integrative learning embodied in the educated person across all disciplines.

Becoming an individual who has global cultural awareness, is well read, is proficient in critical thinking, writing and verbal skills, and who demonstrates the ability to work at learning with integrity is of great benefit to all of your future endeavors.  Both programs are taught by a teaching team of several professors each of whom bring expertise in specific fields of study and who together help students see the awesome connections of human intellectual inquiry.

There is a reason why the Humanities Honors and the Advanced Honors Programs have had demonstrable success in retaining and graduating students. These General Education-based Honors Programs can provide a student with a solid foundation of awareness and understanding from the perspectives of multiple world cultures and fields of study, a perspective that is truly multi-faceted, and makes the foundational experiences of university life supportive and nurturing as well.


Want to find out more?

The Humanities Honors Program is a four-semester program completing most lower division General Education requirements. 

The Advanced Honors Program is a two-semester program completing three of the four upper division SJSU Studies General Education requirements.


Whom should I contact if I have questions?

The Coordinator for the Humanities Honors & Advanced Honors Programs is Professor Jennifer Rycenga. Her office is in Clark Hall, room 437, and her office phone is 408-924-1367. You may also reach her by email at