Advanced Honors

Background and History

In the academic year 2012-2013, a “Dream Team”[1] of professors was brought together by Cynthia Rostankowski, PhD, coordinator of the Humanities Honors Program, to create an upper division opportunity for the multidisciplinary, team-taught General Education Honors experience unique to San José State University.  The development of this course sequence, approved and funded by Provost Ellen Junn, made the two-semester Advanced Honors sequence a reality.


Students can satisfy three[2] of their required upper division SJSU studies, General Education areas R (science), S (social Science), and V (humanities), by taking the HUM 177A/177B Advanced Honors in Integrated Science, Social Science and the Humanities course sequence.  The learning objectives of these SJSU Studies areas are realized uniquely by Advanced Honors in that relationships among aspects of science, politics, psychology, culture, the arts and technologies can best be recognized when their unfolding is seen from many disciplinary perspectives, as each day in class makes possible.


By successfully completing this year-long course, students fulfill SJSU Studies areas R, S, and V by taking one six-unit course in the fall, and another required three-unit concluding course in spring semester. Advanced Honors is a team-taught course sequence, and the group of professors works with its cohort of students over two semesters, teaching, advising, and offering guidance.  This course sequence provides students with a supportive learning community that will help them to connect and succeed at San José State.  Designed to satisfy SJSU Studies requirements for most majors[3] Advanced Honors is also a community-building course sequence, welcoming upper division students, whether SJSU regulars or new transfers from across the state and globe.


Whom should I contact if I have questions?

The Coordinator for the Advanced Honors Program is Professor Cynthia Rostankowski. Her office is in Clark Hall, room 441, and her office phone is 408-924-4508. You may also reach her by email at







[1] James Lindahl PhD, Philosophy; David Mesher PhD, English; Lawrence Quill PhD, Political Science, Janet Stemwedel PhD, Philosophy; and Bradley Stone PhD, Physics.

[2] The fourth requirement area Z, is satisfied as a writing requirement in each major, typically identified as 100W.

[3] Some majors have requirements among the upper division GE courses.  Please check with your major advisor.