Information for Humanities Honors Families

Welcome Families of SJSU Humanities Honors students!

The Humanities Honors general education program enhances the value of a San José State University degree by providing innovative, inclusive, and challenging interdisciplinary education through team-taught courses. Humanities Honors offers motivated students an opportunity to engage in a challenging, innovative, and stimulating learning and community-building experience.

Students who participate in the program are a curious and diverse group of students. Humanities Honors students receive individualized attention from dedicated professors, a cohort experience, and extracurricular activities. One-on-one interaction with faculty members and fellow honors students promotes community building in and out of the classroom.

Humanities Honors welcomes all students to the program who desire to develop a broader understanding of the world. Humanities Honors allows students to decide if they want to be an honors student not based on their high school academic performance but rather on their university-level work. There are no GPA or test-score requirements to become a Humanities Honors student.

The Humanities Honors program comprises a two-year lower and one-year upper division program. Students complete nine of the fifteen required lower division general education requirements in the two-year program over four semesters. In the upper-division program, students complete three of the four-upper division SJSU Studies General Education requirements over two semesters.

Honors Humanities students receive many benefits, including:

·       Early registration for courses
·       Community with other honors students
·       Instruction from faculty who are experts in their fields
·       Honors recognition on their diplomas