B.A. Humanities

Designed for students who are interested in interdisciplinary studies, the Humanities major features the following Concentrations:

A special feature of the major is its flexibility. While the concentrations represent coherent programs, they also offer considerable choice with electives that allow students to develop individual programs of study to suit their own interests and needs.

Devised to provide students with a liberal education through heightened awareness, broad knowledge, and critical thinking, the Humanities major prepares students for many professional programs and occupations, such as law, librarianship, social work, communications, teaching, public service and public relations.

B.A. Liberal Studies, Preparation for Teaching

Prof. Susan Verducci
Liberal Studies Program Coordinator & Advisor
(All Majors with last names starting from A-I)
Clark Hall 439
Phone: 408-924-4459
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Prof. Erica Colmenares                                                                                                    Liberal Studies Program Coordinator & Advisor                                                               (All Majors with last names starting from J-R)                                                             Clark Hall 414R
Phone: 408-924-4312                                                                                                  Liberal Studies Website

Sandy Ho, Advisor                                                                                                            H & A Success Center                                                                                                  (All Majors with last names starting from S-Z)                                                                                                                                          Clark Hall 244                                                                                                           Phone: 408-924-5095 (appointment line)                                                                         H & A Success Center Website                                                                                    Liberal Studies Website

For students planning to apply to a multiple subject credential program to become an elementary or middle school teacher, the following course work was designed to meet the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) requirements for diversified subject matter preparation and San Jose State University requirements for a B.A. Liberal Studies.

Minimum grade point average (GPA) criteria may be required for verification of subject matter competency. Completion of the program will not guarantee admission to the credential program.

Like all other applicants, students must meet credential program standards and undergo screening for admission.

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B.A. Creative Arts

Prof. Shannon Rose Riley
Creative Arts Program Coordinator and Advisor
Clark Hall 419-C
Phone: (408) 924-4481
Fax: (408) 924-4576
Creative Arts Website

The interdepartmental Creative Arts Program offers a major for students interested in making connections between the arts and in studying the creative process.

The program integrates and compares visual arts, performing arts, (music, dance, drama, film, broadcast media, performing arts) and literature (including electronic interactive forms). Creative Arts Program courses are interdisciplinary and provide opportunities for both creative and critical work.

The CA major is designed to provide a breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding of the arts which prepare students for a wide variety of professional programs and careers.

The Program provides great flexibility and individualized advising and is selected by students with diverse career interests: performing arts, creative writing, cultural journalism, arts administration, teaching, etc.

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