School and Department Contacts

Department of Art and Art History

Art Building 116
Voice: 408.924.4320  Fax: 408.924.4326
Anthony Raynsford, Department Chair
Daphne Purisima, Administrative Analyst
Bill Alley, Administrative Support Coordinator
Campus Zip: 0089

Department of Design

Art Building 120
Voice: 408.924.4320  Fax: 408.924.4326
Virginia San Fratello, Department Chair
Ellen Peterson, Administrative Analyst
Nicole Piferro, Administrative Support Coordinator
Campus Zip: 0225

Department of English and Comparative Literature

Faculty Office Building 102
Voice: 408.924.4426   Fax: 408.924.4580
Noelle Brada-Williams, Department Chair
Audrey Struve, Administrative Analyst
Alec Giurliani, Administrative Support Coordinator
Campus Zip: 0090

Department of Film and Theatre

Hugh Gillis Hall Room 100
Voice: 408.924.4530   Fax: 408.924.4574
Elisha Miranda, Department Chair
Nikole Abrego, Administrative Analyst
Campus Zip: 0098

Department of Humanities

Clark Hall 419
Voice: 408.924.4462   Fax: 408.924.4576
Shannon Rose Riley, Department Chair
Jennifer Hoyman, Administrative Support Coordinator
Campus Zip: 0092

School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Dwight Bentel Hall 105 
Voice: 408.924.3240   Fax: 408.924.3229
Phylis West Johnson, Department Chair
Silvia La Rosa, Administrative Analyst
Cindy Luu, Administrative Support Coordinator 
Campus Zip: 0096

Department of Linguistics and Language Development

Clark Hall 473
Voice: 408.924.4413   Fax: 408.924.4703
Stefan Frazier, Department Chair
Cookie Galvan, Administrative Support Coordinator
Campus Zip: 0093

School of Music and Dance

Music Building 179
Voice: 408.924.4673   Fax: 408.924.4773
Fred Cohen, School Director
Eliza Rentschler, Scheduling Analyst
Campus Zip: 0095

Department of Philosophy

Faculty Office Building 201
Voice: 408.924.4468   Fax: 408.924.4527
Janet Stemwedel, Department Chair
Hanh Le, Administrative Analyst
Campus Zip: 0096

Department of World Languages and Literatures

Clark Hall 421
Voice: 408.924.4602  Fax: 408.924.4607
Damian Bacich, Department Chair
Kristine Adams, Administrative Support Coordinator
Campus Zip: 0091

Dean's Office Contacts

WSQ 120
Voice: 408.924.4300
Fax: 408.924.4365
Campus Zip: 0088

  • Shannon Miller,

  • Jason Aleksander,
    Associate Dean for Faculty Success and Research

  • Roula Svorou, 
    Interim Associate Dean for Student Success and Academic Programs
  • Brenda Wilhelm, Academic Resources Manager

  • Remy Thompson, College Analytics Specialist

  • Elizabeth Quintana, 
    Executive Assistant to The Dean