H&A Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process carried out in the College of Humanities in the Arts in 2012-13 provides the basis for our strategic goals for 2013-17. These goals also align with San Jose State University’s strategic plan, Vision 2017. Read the full Strategic Plan here.


The College of Humanities and the Arts at San José State University provides a high-quality liberal arts education focused on creativity, innovation, and problem solving.  We prepare students to be compassionate, informed citizens of the world.


The College of Humanities and the Arts values:

  • High-quality, student-centered liberal arts education;
  • Research, scholarship, and creative activity that nurtures the teacher-scholar model;
  • Creativity and connectivity within and across fields in humanities and the arts;
  • Inquiry and innovation;
  • Compassion and equity;
  • Globally-engaged, informed citizenship.


All goals stated below rest on the basic principle that the College of Humanities and the Arts is committed to a high-quality liberal arts education and to creating an environment for student success.

Goal #1: Enhance support for faculty, staff, and students

Goal #2: Improve visibility of College to students, University, alumni, and the community

Goal #3: Strengthen the College’s image as a scholarly and artistic learning

Visit the Strategic Planning Process site here for more information about the 2012-13 process.