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The Deep Humanities and Arts initiative seeks to integrate the humanities and arts into the rapidly evolving world of technology. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the tech capital of the world, SJSU is critical player in this elaborate ecosystem, providing more engineers and business school graduates to Silicon Valley companies than any other university in the nation. Why can't we do the same with artists and entertainers, teachers and philosophers, journalists and writers?

Within the College of Humanities and Arts, our students and faculty examine issues of ethical responsibility, the power of the aesthetic, and the meaning of the "human" in a world of robots and data. Their findings help guide the trajectory of technology, ensuring these innovations and inventions are in service of the user.

Learn about the foundational ideas behind the DH+A initiative [pdf]

In response to recent events, like the 2018 Election and the COVID-19 epidemic, the Deep Humanities and Arts initiative evolved, taking on an additional approach to the intersection of humanities, arts, and technology:
How can we use technology to help the humanities and arts?

Projects like The Democracy Project, the Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities project, and SJSU Hackathon 2020 all seek to harness the power of technology in meaningful ways.

We share our explorations through our Deep Humanities and Arts events and lectures by SJSU faculty, staff, and students, as well as special guests, each experts in their fields.

Take a look at the Deep Humanities and Arts logo pitchbook [pdf] put together by our talented H&A Marketing Team!