H&A Marketing and Communications

Who We Are

The Marketing and Communications Team is a student-run division of the College of Humanities and the Arts. Our team expands the reach of individuals within the college and promotes events by providing various resources and services. Within the team, there are four sub-divisions: Website Management, Graphic Design, Photography/Videography, and Editing/Content Management. Each group is specialized to produce effective project solutions and help you efficiently spread the word about your department.

What We Do

Website Development, Design, and Maintenance

  • Develop and maintain marketing materials such as newsletters, email blasts, and blogs

  • Ensure ADA accessibility compliance

Graphics and promotional materials

  • Design promotional materials including posters, postcards, brochures, and t-shirts

  • Produce digital and print templates

Editing and Content Management

  • Ensure quality of newsletters and other written promotional material

  • Create and maintain up-to-date content for websites

Event Coverage

  • Both Videography and photography

  • Cover school events, headshots, portraits, and more


Projects that do not promote a department in the College of Humanities and the Arts may be subject to a small fee at the Marketing Team's discretion.