Program Accreditation Procedures

The Office of Academic Innovation and Online Initiatives (AIOI) assists programs with the identification of the sources of the data required as part of the program self study. AIOI covers the reasonable, authorized costs associated with the accreditation process. SJSU has a limited budget to cover the cost of annual dues, accreditation fees, and expenses incurred by the accreditation team representing the accreditation agency (travel, lodging, and meals). Funds are not available from this account to assist with the preparation of the self study, to entertain the team, or to fund travel to send a SJSU faculty or staff member to an accreditation function. The latter cost is to be paid from college or department funds. As needed, the Vice Provost for AIOI (VP AIOI) will also meet with the accreditation team members during the visit to our campus and assist with the development of responses to evaluation reports made by an accreditation team.

Accreditation Dues and Financials

Submit documentation to initiate payment to AIOI by emailing as soon as possible, but at minimum two weeks in advance of due date. There will be no guarantee that a check will be available before the required deadline date if all necessary information is not given to AIOI in advance.

Preparing for Accreditation Review

Complete the following steps to prepare for programmatic accreditation application or reaffirmation of accreditation as applicable. 

Reporting Requirements

Once the self study is final, a digital copy should be sent to AIOI for the accreditation library. If the Provost will be meeting with the accreditation team, an additional copy of the self study should also be sent to the Provost's Office. Copies of the site visit report, any campus response to the site visit report, and final notice of continued accreditation will need to be sent to the AIOI Office by emailing

Accreditation Schedules

Email with any corrections regarding the Accreditation schedule. This information is used to develop the budget to pay accreditation bills as well as provide public information regarding the status of campus programs.