Action Plan Meeting

After Step #4: Program Planning Committee (PPC) Review is completed (by the sending of the Letter to the Provost), the last step in the process is to schedule an Action Plan meeting with the department, college dean, and appropriate administrators including the Provost to discuss results of the program planning process and the action plan for the department. Faculty are encouraged to attend this meeting. The Letter to the Provost from the Program Planning Committee will form the basis of discussion. 

The program planning process concludes when the action plan identifying the top 3-5 priorities with milestones and timeline are agreed upon by all parties (department chair, dean, Provost). This document is drafted by the PPC Chair after the Action Plan Meeting. 

After the PPC Chair shares the final draft of the action plan with the chair and dean to incorporate any feedback, the staff support routes the document via DocuSign for signature and distribution. The final action plan is loaded to the Program Records GoogleDrive and a link is added to the Program Records website and Program Planning Calendar. Follow up on the action plan occurs in Annual Program Assessment and the subsequent Program Planning cycle.