External Review

After Step #2: Writing the Program Plan, an External Reviewer is invited to review the department’s program. The External Reviewers role is to bring an informed and dispassionate view to the assessment of the plan as it is presented. This step is not required for programs for externally professionally accredited programs that have already undergone external review. If a department has programmatic accreditation, an External Review is not required.

Departments submit a list of three qualified external reviewers via Curriculog when submitting the self-study or with the request for an extension. All external reviewer candidates CVs should be reviewed and listed in rank order by the college dean. Departments may notify the reviewer candidates that their names were submitted to be selected as a reviewer, but the Vice Provost for Academic Innovation and Online Initiatives (AIOI) will work with the college dean to select an external reviewer and send an official invitation on behalf of the university. 

Once a formal invitation has been sent to the reviewer from the Vice Provost, the department in consultation with AIOI organizes the logistics of the visit.