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QuoteI could improve my English skills a lot in a very short period of time. Studying at International Gateways is a great way to reach your goals in a comfortable and easy way while having fun.Quote

- Daniel Kautz, Germany, Summer 2012

QuoteI passed through 3 ESL schools before and none of them can be compared with the level of education and attention provided by you and the other teachers. I really love you. Thank you for all you have been doing for us.Quote

- Brazil, Fall 2007

QuoteI'm writing this mail in great excitement and my heart seems to be still pounding. I just finished the GMAT test and returned home with the following results: Quantitative 49 (90%) + Verbal 37 (83%) for a Total of 710 (94%)

I didn't expect such a good result as this was in such a short time and I am greatly indebted to you for it. Had it not been for your great teaching and enthusiasm, I couldn't have achieved this much.Quote

- Korea, Spring 2007

QuoteYou gave us a great opportunity to feel the real experience of MBA program. The professor was so good and the students were so friendly. They really encouraged us to go for MBA.Quote

- Saudi Arabia, Fall 2006

QuoteI wish I had known about SAS program before because it was the most effective and interesting English program I ever had. I have not only improved my English, but also have had an opportunity to start my study and to experience what it means to be a student in the American university.Quote

- Tanya Braginets, Russia

QuoteI spent two semesters at SJSU with the SAS program. The SAS program enabled me to look for courses I was interested in and which I needed for my requirements from my German university at the same time. By selecting courses from different departments I got to obtain a good insight in what American university courses are like. More importantly, I could take specific courses I was interested in, which I could not have taken in Germany.Quote

- Tim Lahme, Germany