Community College Admissions FAQs

Which community college is best for me?

That's a very individual question. You should consider the distance from your home and the specific programs that are offered at each college, and explore the websites of various schools before you choose a school. Here are some of our local colleges:

Why should I attend a community college? 

Students who are interested in applying for SJSU or another university, but do not have the grades nor the minimum TOEFL score requirement may enroll in one of our local partner community colleges through our TOEFL Waiver program. This alternative route provides students the option to continue their English language studies for one to two years while taking basic general classes for credit that will transfer over to a university. For more information aobut the TOEFL Waiver program, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Grace Kee.

Do I need a TOEFL score to get into a community college?

Most community colleges require 500 TOEFL score, but there is some variation. Some colleges require a lower score and others require a higher score.

International Gateways has a special partnership agreement with the community colleges listed below. Our partnership means that an International Gateways student can be admitted to one of these colleges without the required 500 TOEFL score. This special program is available to students who have completed our high intermediate level course of study (Level 600) with good attendance and good grades.

Contact the Community College Transfer Advisor: Grace Kee for more information.

What kinds of documents do I need for the community college application?

First, you must complete an application form for the college of your choice. In addition, most colleges require a financial declaration (bank letter), your high school and college transcripts (in English), a copy of your I-20, a copy of your passport, a photo, and the application fee.