Active Communication in English (ACE)

Enjoy university campus life and improve your English language skills!



QuoteI really appreciate  my teachers. They  are knowledgeable  and patient, so I had  no fear to talk.

 ACE gave me a  chance to  communicate with  other native  speakers.Quote
Carolyn from Taiwan

Carolyn Photo
QuoteI think everything  with my English has  improved!

 Now I have friends  from  other countries  like  Japan, Taiwan,  China, Italy,  Vietnam.Quote
Jin from Korea
Jin Photo
Students at Golden Gate Bridge
Academic and Test Preparation - Field Trip

Field Trips
Field trips to Bay Area tech companies, popular tourist destinations and shopping on Fridays.


Academic and Test Preparation - Field Trip

English Classes
Practical, fun and student centered classes  to improve your English.

Conversation club for additional practice.

Sample class schedule (PDF)

Academic and Test Preparation - Housing

Assistance to find a home stay program, campus housing, or accommodation on your own.


Academic and Test Preparation - Facilities

Campus Life
Free Valley Transport Authority (VTA) card
SJSU student ID card
Free access to campus gym and Spartan Recreation














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Applicant must be 18 years of age or older to apply for our program. There are two ways to apply, as a group and as an individual. If you are applying as a group, please email for more instructions.

All groups will be processed for F-1 Visas. Individual applicants may be F-1 visa holders or in a visa category that allows study. Please email if you have any questions about this.

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