Click on the categories below to see the answers to the most common questions about our program.  If you can't find the answer to your question, e-mail us and we will respond within 2-3 days.  Our e-mail is: igateways-admission@sjsu.edu


I haven't graduated from high school, yet. Can I apply for conditional admission?

Yes. If you are in your last year of high school, you can apply for conditional admission.
Your transcript must include the final grades for all courses you have taken in Grades 10, 11, 12, including the first semester of your senior year, and the list of courses in progress for the current semester. In this case, you must mail us your 9th Grade transcript, partial high school transcript, and high school enrollment letter. After you graduate high school, you will have to mail us the final transcript and graduation certificate.

I graduated from high school over a year ago and have not attended any university or college. Can I apply for conditional admission?

Yes. In this situation, you must submit verification of post-secondary school activities-- for example, employment or studies. If you worked, then you must obtain an official letter from your employer. The letter must be stamped and sealed in a stamped envelope. If you enrolled in extracurricular classes, then you must obtain an official transcript that shows the grades you earned. The transcript must be stamped and sealed in a stamped envelope.

I am currently studying at a college or university, but I want to transfer to SJSU. Can I apply for conditional admission?

Yes, you can apply as an undergraduate transfer student for conditional admission.

I already earned a bachelor degree in my country. Can I apply for conditional admission for a second bachelor degree at SJSU?

No. Currently, San Jose State University does not allow students to pursue a second bachelor degree. Your application for conditional admission must be for a master degree.

My bachelor degree program was three years, not four years. Should I apply for conditional admission for a bachelor or master degree at SJSU?

Currently, San Jose State University graduate programs do not accept applicants with a three-year bachelor degree. This means that if you have a three-year bachelor degree, you cannot apply for a master degree. You can, however, try to apply for conditional admission as an undergraduate transfer student.

Does acceptance to the Conditional Admission/ Eligibility program guarantee admission to my major program?

No. Conditional admission means you are eligible to attend San Jose State University atthe undergraduate or graduate level. You will still need to submit a formal application to SJSU after you finish your English studies in International Gateways.

Can I change my major after I receive conditional admission?

Yes. You can choose another major when you officially apply to SJSU.

Application Process

What materials do I need to apply?

Please visit the Conditional Admission Required Documents page or download instructions (PDF) for information about how to apply.

How long does it take to submit an application?

You should give yourself at least 2 weeks to prepare an application. First, you need to submit an application and pay the application fee online. Then, you will need to ask your school or university for official academic records, which can take several days.


How long do I need to wait for a decision about my application?

Usually, you will receive a decision about your acceptance within 10 business days after we receive your completed application.

How long do I need to study at International Gateways before I can apply to my degree program?

It depends. First, you need to consider when you can obtain a qualifying TOEFL, IELTS, or other test score. Second, you need to consider the application deadline for your specific major. Different departments have different deadlines. Please check the department website for the most updated information.

Transcripts and Certificates

Do my transcripts and certificates need to be notarized?

No. Your transcripts and certificates should remain sealed in a stamped envelope by your school or university. If the documents have been opened and re-sealed, they will not be considered official and will not be accepted. Each page of your official documents must have a fresh stamp. Documents with photocopied stamps only will not be accepted.

Do my transcripts and certificates need to be translated into English?

Yes. Your transcripts and certificates need to be in both your native language and English. You will probably have two versions of transcripts and certificates (for example, one version in your native language, and the second version in English). English translations must be from the issuing institution or government office only. Translations from notaries, agents, or professional translators will not be accepted.

Why do my transcripts and certificates need to be stamped and sealed in a stamped envelope?

It is San Jose State University's policy to require all academic records to be stamped and sealed in a stamped envelope. No exceptions are made.

Do I have to mail the original transcripts and graduation/ degree certificates to the Conditional Admission Unit?

No. San Jose State University accepts photocopied documents, but they must have a fresh stamp on each page. Documents without fresh stamps on each page will not be accepted.

Can I email you my transcripts and certificates?

No. Digital copies of your transcripts and certificates are not accepted unless sent directly by your school or university through a verified platform (for example, Naviance). If your school or university submits transcripts and certificates electronically, please inform us right away.


I changed my mind and need my records to transfer to another institute.  Can you return my transcripts and certificates to me?

No. All submitted application materials become the property of San Jose State University, and we cannot return them to you.  You will need to contact your school or university counselors for additional copies of your transcripts and certificates.  


Is there any test waiver for undergraduate or graduate applicants?

At this time, there is no waiver for any tests. All departments require proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS). Some departments require GRE or GMAT. Please check the department website for the most updated information.

Is there a WES waiver for graduate applicants?

Yes. Conditional admission students are not required to submit a WES evaluation when they apply for a graduate degree at San Jose State University.

I worked for several years in the field I plan to major in. Can I be waived from taking required tests?

Generally, tests are not waived but this depends on the specific program you plan to apply to. Therefore, please contact the degree program advisor directly to answer this question.

Tuition & Fees

Why do I need to pay the $110 application fee to apply for conditional admission?

The $110 application fee compensates the admissions office in evaluating your academic records.  Your transcripts and graduation certificates are verified and converted to an American grading scale in order to ensure you meet SJSU admission standards.

Can I pay the $110 processing fee after I receive a letter for conditional admission?

No. The application fee must be paid as part of your online application. An evaluation of your complete application materials will be made to issue a letter for conditional admission after the fee is paid.

Are there other fees I must pay when I am accepted for conditional admission?

As a conditional admission student, you will begin your studies at International Gateways. This requires a $150 application fee and tuition, which is $3,590 or $5,790 per session.

Do I pay the fees and tuition together or separately?

The fees and tuition are paid separately.

How can I pay for the fees and tuition?

Please follow the instructions provided on our website. You can contact our office if you have additional questions about acceptable forms of payment.

International Gateways

What kind of classes will I take at International Gateways?

You will study English for academic and test preparation (ATP). This includes reading skills, written communication, oral communication, and grammar, which is integrated into the other three courses. In addition to these core courses, there are many elective classes you can choose from: TOEFL, Business English, Clear Speech, English through Music, Slang and Idioms, and more. Please visit International Gateways to learn more about the program.

How many students are in each class at International Gateways?

On average, class sizes range from 14-18 students.

How many English levels are at International Gateways?  Which level will I join?

There are eight levels.  You will take placement tests and have an oral interview when you arrive at International Gateways.  This will determine which level you join.

What countries do other students come from?

International Gateways has a very diverse student body - many students are from Saudi Arabia, China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, France, Iran, Cambodia, Germany, Turkey, Mexico, Ukraine and more. You will have many opportunities to learn about other nationalities and practice using English to communicate with your peers.

Is it possible to take SJSU classes when I study at International Gateways?

Yes, it is possible to take 1-2 SJSU classes for credit when you study at International Gateways, but you must have a minimum TOEFL iBT 71. If you have the minimum English proficiency and want to take SJSU classes, please schedule an appointment with the appropriate advisor in advance. The advisor will help you choose classes that are appropriate for your major.

Does International Gateways help me prepare for the TOEFL or IELTS?

Yes! The classes at International Gateways are designed to help you prepare for success in American universities. Depending on availability, elective classes like TOEFL or IELTS preparation are offered. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take the institutional TOEFL twice each 17-week term, and this score can be used for your official SJSU application.