Communicate with Confidence (Online English Course)

Course Description

Improve and enhance your English communication skills from the comfort of your home. This integrated-skills online course will provide multiple opportunities for practice within all four content areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Various modes of instruction, student-centered activities and direct teacher feedback will be provided in order to increase your confidence in using English on a daily basis, whether for academic, business or personal purposes.



Live classes meet through Zoom on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6:00-8:00pm PDT

Dates: Monday, October 18 - Wednesday, December 15, 2021 + 1 online orientation session prior to course start

Program Fees: $ 825

About the Instructor

Chris FathmanThe instructor, Chris Fathman, has been teaching at International Gateways since 2006 and has been an ESL instructor for over twenty years, both abroad and within the US. Throughout his career, Chris has worked with diverse student populations with a wide range of skill sets.  He has always been active in promoting and incorporating the use of technology to enhance his classes and assist his students in their language learning.

Who Can Apply?     


  • Students in their home countries who want to join International Gateways’ Academic and Test Preparation on-campus program in August 2021, but cannot attend in person due to travel restrictions or other reasons.
  • Students in the US who want to improve their English for personal or professional purposes.
  • Students who would like to enroll in an online course for 6 hours a week.


How to Apply?

Your application will involve the following portals:

  1. CalStateApply 
  2. Payment page (you will receive the link from IG Admissions by email)
  3. Secure document upload portal (you will receive the link from IG Admissions by email)

Visit here for more information.