Faculty & Staff

Dr. Yasser DessoukyDr. Yasser Dessouky - Professor & Chair, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Phone: (408) 924-4133
Email: yasser.dessouky@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485E
Research interests: Production and Lean systems, statistical process       improvement, supply chain optimization, simulation of large complex systems

Dr. Louis FreundDr. Louis Freund - Professor Emeritus 
Phone: (408) 924-3890
Email: louis.freund@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485
Research interests: Human factors engineering, work measurement, process (quality) control, system simulation, and engineering economics.

Dr. Jacob TsaoDr. Jacob Tsao - Professor, ISE Graduate Program Coordinator
Phone: (408) 924-4088
Email: jacob.tsao@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485I 
Research interests: Design of Statistical Experiment; Statistical Quality Control and Reliability Theory; Operations Research; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Efficient Operations of Large Vehicles - Trucks and Buses

Dr. Niranjani (Minnie) PatelDr. Niranjani (Minnie) Patel - Professor, MS Engineering Management Coordinator
Phone: (408) 924-4152
Email: minnie.patel@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485E
Research interests: Applied Statistics, Applied Operations Research, Supply Chain Engineering, Data Analytics

Dr. S. Ayca ErdoganDr. S. Ayca Erdogan - Associate Professor
Email: ayca.erdogan@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485F
Research interests: Data analytics, statistical, simulation and optimization modeling and applications on problems related to service (healthcare) and production systems

Dr. Anil KumarDr. Anil Kumar - Associate Professor, Director of HFE Graduate Program
Phone: (408) 924-7850
Email: anil.kumar@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485B
Research interests: Product design and development (medical products and healthcare), ergonomics, human factors, work measurement and analysis, lean manufacturing, production/operations management, and safety

Dr. Dan Nathan-RobertsDr. Dan Nathan-Roberts - Associate Professor
Email: dan.nathan-roberts@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485J
Research interests: Human Factors in healthcare; Innovation and interdisciplinary design education; Lay-user healthcare design; Human-robot trust; Ergonomics; User-Centered Design

Dr. Gaojian Huang – Assistant Professor
Phone: (408) 924-4010
Email: gaojian.huang@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485A
Research interests: Human-automation interaction; Automated driving; Aging and technology; Human-machine interface; Human behavior modeling;
                  Inclusive design

liuDr. Hongrui Liu- Assistant Professor
Phone: (408) 924-3989
Office: Engr 485H
Research interests: Optimization and statistical modeling, algorithms, data analytics and their applications in supply chain and energy industry

mDr. Yupeng Wei - Assistant Professor
Research interests: Optimization, machine learning, data analytics and their applications in quality monitoring, anomaly detection, and degradation prognostics.



Dr. Anthony D AndreDr. Anthony D Andre - Adjunct Professor, Principal, Interface Analysis Associates
Phone: (408) 848-6014
Email: anthony.andre@sjsu.edu

Dr. Abbas MoallemDr. Abbas Moallem - Affiliated/Adjunct Professor
Phone: (925) 694-5605
Email: abbas.moallem@sjsu.edu

No Image AvailableDr. Ammar Rayes - Affiliated/Adjunct Professor, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Systems
Email: ammar.rayes@sjsu.edu

Dr. Baruch SaeedDr. Baruch Saeed - Affiliated/Adjunct Professor
Email: baruch.saeed@sjsu.edu


fosterMs. Christine Foster - Adjunct Professor
Email: Christine.Foster@sjsu.edu




No Image AvailableDr. Wenbin Wei - Affiliated Full Professor
Phone: (408) 924-3206
Email: wenbin.wei@sjsu.edu
Office: IS 103

No Image AvailableDr. Andrew James - Adjunct Professor
Email: andrew.james@sjsu.edu

No Image AvailableMr. Dan Rosenberg - Adjunct Professor
Email:  daniel.rosenberg@sjsu.edu

No Image AvailableDr. Joseph Barjis - Adjunct Professor
Email: joseph.barjis@sjsu.edu

No Image AvailableMr. Jose Flahaux - Adjunct Professor
Email: jose.flahaux@sjsu.edu

No Image AvailableMr. Khaled Mabrouk - Adjunct Professor
Email: khaled.mabrouk@sjsu.edu

No Image AvailableDr. Patrick Tam - Adjunct Professor
Email: patrick.tam@sjsu.edu

No Image AvailableDr. Ramesh Srinivasan - Adjunct Professor
Email: ramesh.srinivasan@sjsu.edu

guptaDr. Shilpa Gupta - Adjunct Professor
Email: shilpa.gupta@sjsu.edu




No Image AvailableDr. Supreeta Amin - Adjunct Professor
Email: supreeta.amin@sjsu.edu



phamMr. Tom Pham - Adjunct Professor
Email: tom.pham@sjsu.edu





Dr. Kevin Corker

Dr. Kevin Corker - Emeritus Professor
1953 - 2008

Mr. Marc Komrosky

Mr. Marc Komrosky - Emeritus Professor
1961 - 2012

Dr. Don NewnanDr. Don Newnan - Distinguished Emeritus Professor

Dr. Ernest UnwinDr. Ernest Unwin - Emeritus Professor
1933 - 2013

Fabiola ArellanoFabiola Arellano - Administrative Analyst
Phone: (408) 924-3321
Email: fabiola.arellano@sjsu.edu
Office: Engr 485G