Graduation Application Process and Forms

Important: Keep track of deadline dates and submit all forms before the deadline for that form.

1. All students must complete and submit the Candidacy Approval Form (also known as the Departmental Request for Candidacy and Graduate Degree Program) by the posted deadline for the semester you plan to graduate (see deadline dates).
See Candidacy Approval Form for details on submitting this form to the Graduate Advisor, Dr. Jacob Tsao.
Note: This form must be typed. You only file this form once. Dr. Dessouky will review the form and submit it to the Graduate Admissions department.
Note: If you submit this form and then decide to take different classes you need to file a course substitution form [PDF]. You should mail this form to the attention of Fabiola Zendejas. (FAX is 408-924-4040). 
Please keep a copy of this form and records of when you mailed it to Fabiola Zendejas.

2. Complete Application for Award of Graduate Degree through Online Process Application for Award of Graduate Degree Online Process  by the posted deadline (see deadline dates). Paper forms are no longer accepted by GAPE. 

  • Due date for May graduation: February 1
  • Due date for August graduation: March 1
  • Due date for December graduation: September 1   

You must apply to graduate with GAPE for graduation after your candidacy has been approved.                  


Changing Graduation Date

The Graduation Date Change Request is now online!

If you change the date you plan to graduate after you have submitted an Application for Award of Graduate Degree, you must submit a Change of Graduation Date Form and pay the $10.00 fee online.

Graduation Date Change Request  

Once a student submits the online graduate date change request, a confirmation email will be sent to the student.

Important Forms