SEVP Portal FAQs

What is the SEVP Portal?

As of March 23, 2018, the Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visitor
Program (SEVP) rolled out the SEVP Portal, a website that allows F-1 students to meet the
mandatory SEVIS reporting requirements of updating addresses, phone numbers, and
employment changes.

All SEVP Portal communications will only be sent to the “preferred” non-SJSU email in
MySJSU. Please update your preferred email in MySJSU prior to submitting your OPT
application to USCIS. Please be sure not change the preferred email in MySJSU once your
SEVP Portal account is created. Also, note that you will lose your access to your SJSU email
account one year after your last semester at SJSU; if you wish to keep your SEVP Portal
access after this time, you will need to provide a non-SJSU email address.

All address, telephone and employer changes must be reported in the SEVP Portal within 10
days of the change. OPT students no longer need to report the changes to ISSS.

STEM students can update addresses, phone numbers, supervisor info, and end date for employment

information through the SEVP Portal. STEM students need to continue reporting employment
changes to ISSS and validating employment record through the SJSU Employment Update
Report Form.


Who’s eligible to use the SEVP Portal?

Students will receive an invitation email from SEVP when:
1) The status of an OPT request in SEVIS has changed to “Approved”
2) on the OPT Approval Start Date as indicated on your OPT EAD card

How to create a SEVP Portal account?

An account creation email will be sent to students from The
subject line of the email will be “Optional Practical Training Approval - the next step. Create a SEVP Portal account”. The only way to get to the portal registration page is to use the link in the email, and the link is unique to each student. The email will be sent to the “preferred” email saved in MySJSU. Please be sure your email is valid, updated, and checked as “Preferred” in the box next to the email address in MySJSU. Your preferred email will also be your SEVP Portal user ID. Remember, because SJSU email account will be deleted one year after your last semester at SJSU, the “preferred” email must be your non-SJSU email. For more information, please go here.

How to maintain your SEVP Portal account?

As a US government system, the SEVP Portal must conform to the federal government’s
security procedures. As the SEVP Portal user, students also must follow these procedures. As part of the requirement, your SEVP Portal account password resets every 90 days; please do choose a strong password that is easy to memorize. Please do not share your ID and password with other people. To find out more information and tips on passwords set up, please go here. If you have questions on how to reset your locked Portal account or to receive a new email invitation due to the expiration of a previous invitation, please scroll down to the “Most Frequently Asked Questions” section on this webpage.

Where can I go to find more information about the SEVP Portal?

You can find detailed information about the SEVP Portal on the Study in the States page and the SEVIS User Guide. We highly recommend that our students watch the SEVP Portal Help videos and read the SEVIS User Guide for a step-by-step guide to navigating and updating the SEVP Portal



Most Frequently Asked Questions:


Why didn’t I receive my account creation email?


I received my EAD card, but why haven’t I received the
invitation from SEVP or have access to the employment
record in the SEVP Portal?
The earliest date you can receive your account creation email is the Approval Start
Date indicated on your EAD card. In other words, if you have already received your
EAD card but the start date is in the future, you need to wait until that start date to
receive the email. Additionally, SEVP may take up to 1 month after your EAD start
date to process a portal account for you.

If you have not received a portal account creation email within 14 days of your EAD
start date, please update your employment details using the Employment Update
Report Form.

If you still have not received your account creation email 30 days after your EAD
start date has passed, please request a data correction of your Portal Account using
the SEVP Portal Access Form.

Before sending a request please note:

1. If you request a data correction before 30 days has passed, we may not be able
to process your request.
2. Please check your spam or junk mail folders before sending a request.
3. Please also make sure your preferred email address is valid and updated in
4. We may need to make a correction request to SEVP to activate your account. We
normally anticipate the correction to your status to take up to 15 business
What if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password and your portal account has not been locked, you
may request a password reset by going to the main login page for the SEVP Portal and
clicking the link "Reset Password."

What if my SEVP Portal account is locked?

The SEVP Portal will lock your account after three failed attempts to log in to the SEVP
Portal. Please use the SEVP Portal Access Form to request a reset of your SEVP Portal
password. Password resets and account unlocks may take up to 15 business days.
You will receive an email with a link from with the
subject line, “Account Reset”. The link is unique and you can only use it once.

I received an account creation email, but I didn’t create a SEVP Portal account and now the invitation link is expired. What should I do?

Please use the SEVP Portal Access Form to request a resend of your invitation email.
We will request a new invitation email to be sent to your desired email address. The
process may take up to 15 business days.
I no longer want to use the preferred email in MySJSU to receive communications from SEVP. Can I request to change my email address?
Yes. You can request to change your email address that is associated with your SEVP
Portal account using the SEVP Portal Access Form. An email with a temporary password
will be sent from with the subject line, “Your email
address has been changed in SEVIS”. However, we strongly discourage our students
from unnecessarily changing email addresses while on OPT and STEM.
I changed my preferred email in MySJSU. What will happen?

Your preferred email is the user ID of your SEVP Portal account. Changing your
preferred email in MySJSU will result in changing your SEVP Portal user ID. You will lose
your access to the SEVP Portal until receiving an email from SEVP with the temporary
password. Similar to the change email address request, the temporary password email
will be sent from with the subject line, “Your email has
been changed in SEVIS”.
I entered a correct work/home address in the Portal, but it does not validate. What should I do?

The Portal will attempt to validate addresses you enter; however, if the Portal cannot
find or verify an address, you will get an error message. Please be sure you entered
your address correctly. If you still have trouble validating your address, please use
the Change of Address Form to report your home address and use the Employment
Update Report Form to report company addresses.

Is there a specific format I should use when reporting my employment in the SEVP Portal? 

Yes. You should include the following information in the field, "How employment is related to course work". (There is a 1,000 character limit.)

  • Job title
  • Employer name
  • Major area of study
  • Whether full-time or the average number of hours worked per week
  • Description of regular job duties and how they connect to your studies.

EXAMPLE: Masters in Computer Science: Student is employed as a Computer and Information Research Analyst at ABC Research Institute. She/He works as part of a team of scientists and engineers that designs experiments to test the operation of various software systems. Her/His work builds on research in complex algorithms and machine learning, which she/he studied as part of her/his thesis.

Can I still use the SJSU Employment Update Report Form to report my employment while I’m on OPT?

Yes. You can still use our service to report your employment, address, and phone
number changes. However, we encourage our students to use the SEVP Portal to report
changes while they are on OPT.
What happens if I haven’t been logged into the SEVP Portal account for over 90 days?
You will need to request a password reset through the SEVP Portal Access Form.