Beyond Global Spartan Welcome


Beyond Global Spartan Welcome (GSW) is an opportunity to connect with our Global Spartan Community, explore cultural topics, and prepare for academic success. Open to all international students and scholars, Beyond GSW is designed to help you navigate cultural, social, and academic transitions.

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Cultural Conversations

Have you ever wondered why Americans introduce themselves with pronouns like “they, them, theirs” or wanted to better understand what academic integrity means? Cultural Conversations introduces you to aspects of American culture that you may have heard about, but have not had the chance to explore. It’s also an opportunity for you to share your perspective and engage in meaningful intercultural dialogue.

Navigating Cultural Transitions

Moving from one culture to another isn’t always easy. This workshop will address the process of cultural transition, and provide you with strategies to ease the transition.
Facilitator: Keri Toma, International Programs Manager, ISSS
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Understanding U.S. Academic Culture

In this Cultural Conversation, we’ll discuss how culture can impact our beliefs, behaviors, and interactions in an academic setting. The expectations and “norms” of the educational system you grew up in might be quite different than what you’ll find in the U.S. We’ll take a closer look at U.S. academic culture, and we’ll share tips and strategies to help you on your way to academic success!

  • Marta Ramirez-Rodenas, Engineering Graduate and International Student Advisor, Engineering Student Success Center
  • Keri Toma, International Programs Manager, ISSS

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Global Leader Chats

Get peer-to-peer advice on everyday life, and connect with other international students. Each session is facilitated by our Global Leaders and focuses on a particular topic.


American Slang & Culture

What are some aspects of American slang and culture that might be different than what you're used to? Join our conversation to learn more!

Facilitated by Global Leaders Mindy & Willis


Communicating with Professors & Classmates

Not sure how to communicate with professors or interact with classmates? We'll help you understand communication styles and expectations so that you can boost your communication skills.

Facilitated by Global Leaders Aliff & Willis


Cooking in the U.S.

Cooking in the US can be confusing at first. There are new vocabulary, unfamiliar ingredients, and an entirely different measurement system. Don't worry! We've got you covered. Join us, and let's talk about cooking!

Facilitated by Global Leaders Aliff & Aadesh


Getting Around Town

Learn about transportation options in San Jose and in the Bay Area, how to get a Clipper Card, and how to ride VTA light rail and buses.

Facilitated by Global Leaders Aliff & Riya


Good Eats

We’re discussing our favorite local restaurants, grocery stores, and more!

Facilitated by Global Leaders Aadesh & Riya


Making Friends

Looking to meet new friends? Join us for some fun activities and tips on making friends in the virtual environment!

Facilitated by Global Leaders: Aadesh & Riya


Staying Connected Overseas

Some of you are starting your life as a Global Spartan from your home country. Others are continuing SJSU students who have returned to their home countries. You may be miles away from San Jose, but you can still be connected to our SJSU community. Come and connect with us, and learn how to stay engaged.

Facilitated by Global Leaders Yuki & Melody


Study & Job Search Tips for International Students 

Let us help you with your journey of academic success and securing that awesome position upon graduation!

Facilitated by Global Leaders Yuki & Thi

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Virtual Learning

Whether you're a new student wanting to learn more about Canvas or a continuing student who's looking for online learning strategies, we've got you covered! Join us as we share resources and tips!
Facilitated by Global Leaders Thi & Melody
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Learn about campus resources as well as tips and tools to ease your transition to SJSU.

F-1 Employment Options

ISSS International Student Advisors, will give more information about employment options for students in F-1 visa status.
Facilitators: Suzanne Pendergrass, ISSS

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Writing Workshop Series

ISSS is teaming up with the Writing Center to offer a series of writing workshops each semester. Register and learn more.
Facilitator: Amy Russo, SJSU Writing Center


Career Workshop Series

ISSS and the Career Center partner to bring you a series of Career webinars and panels each semester. Register and learn more.

For OPT Workshops, please visit our F-1 Employment Workshops page.