Join iSucceed

Join a community of peers to support you as you transition to SJSU, and life in the United States. Members of iSucceed at SJSU will be matched with a trained Peer Mentor, who will serve as your friend and inside-guide during your first year at SJSU. There is no cost to participate in iSucceed. 

Apply for Spring 2023


Why join iSucceed?

  • Connect with new people and make friends from the U.S. and around the world
  • Explore the international community at SJSU
  • Engage in opportunities for personal growth and academic success at SJSU
  • Thrive in a welcoming, friendly, and supportive community.

Who can join iSucceed?

  • New international undergraduate and graduate students
  • Exchange students (on J-1 status)
  • New students who may not be on an F-1 visa, but identify as “international”. For example, a U.S. Citizen who has spent significant time outside of the U.S. and may identify more strongly with a culture other than that of the U.S.

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Commit to the program for one semester (maximum of 2 semesters for fall-start students)
  • Participate in the iSucceed Kick Off Event during Week 1
  • Communicate with your Peer Mentor on a regular basis
  • Engage in the iSucceed community in person and online by participating in events and communicating with others in the program

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