Become a Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors serve as volunteer guides for new international students, helping them navigate social, cultural, and academic transitions. 

Apply to be a Peer Mentor Today!

Applications for 2023-24 are open until May 2023.

Why should you be a volunteer Peer Mentor?

    • Expand your worldview! This is an opportunity to learn from others about cultures across the globe.
    • Make a difference! It feels good to help others, and you’d be surprised to see the impact your kindness can make on someone else’s life.
    • Boost your resume! Develop intercultural, interpersonal, and leadership skills--transferable skills employers seek.
    • Work on a multicultural team in a supportive environment.

Who can apply to be a Peer Mentor?

  • Undergraduate students (international or U.S.) in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher) with at least 1 year at SJSU.
  • Graduate students (international or U.S.) in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher) with at least 1 semester at SJSU.


  • Commitment to one year as a Peer Mentor (May to May)
  • Required attendance at a virtual Mentor Orientation during summer
  • Required participation in iSucceed Kick Off event during Week 1 (fall and spring)
  • Check in regularly with Mentees via email, social media, text, phone conversation or in-person (you decide as a Mentor Family what works best for you)
  • Provide support and guidance to Mentees, directing them to appropriate resources as necessary
  • Attend 2 meetings a month: (1) Peer Mentor Training; (2) All Hands Meetup for all iSucceed members (Mentors and Mentees)
  • Engage with the iSucceed community in person and online
  • Keep in close communication with your Advisory Board liaison, who will help you during your time as a Peer Mentor (the Advisory Board is like a small team of mentors mentoring a mentor).
  • Assist Advisory Board with iSucceed events.

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