Frequently Asked Questions- Students

Q1: What if my access to the e-form is denied?

A: E-forms are only available to F-1 and J-1 students and scholars.  If you are in another visa type you will not have access to e-forms. 

Troubleshoot the following prior to contacting the ISSS office. 

  1. You might have issues logging in or SJSU DUO authentication. Please create a ticket to the IT Help Desk to resolve your login issue. 
  2. Our e-forms work great in Google Chrome. Please always use Google Chrome for iSpartan. 
  3. Open an incognito or private browser window. 


Q2: What if I do not receive my Limited Access PIN in my personal email?

A: The PIN is sent to your personal email as provided in your MySJSU account. If you no longer have access to that email, please contact ISSS


Q3: What should I do if I had submitted an e-form to the wrong Academic Advisor?

A: We encourage you to discuss the matter with your academic advisor prior to submitting your e-form.  Check with your department about who is the appropriate advisor to receive and review your e-form. Log-in to retrieve the e-form you had submitted, do the following:

  1. Click the "Cancel" button at the bottom of the E-Form
  2. Complete a new e-form request
  3. Please note, taking this action may reset your place in the application processing queue. 

Q4: What if I received an error message (eg. Bad Request) that my e-form cannot be submitted successfully?

A: Check the following criteria.

  1. The size of each uploaded document must be less than 500KB.
  2. The name of your attachment must not contain any special characters (eg. |, &, *). 


Q5: My e-form has been approved. How do I submit a new e-form for the next semester?

A: Go to the bottom e-form and click “New”.  It will allow you to complete a new eform. 

Go to the bottom e-form and click “New”