Student Forms

Below is a list of forms available for International Student Advising. Some forms are in .PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat to view, fill out and print.

Employment Forms


Sample Applications & Instructions


I-20 Requests




Letter Request Form

Use this form to request a verification letter for any of the following reasons: for visa renewal, for loan/banking agency, for DMV address verification, or for home country's government. 

All letter requests take approximately 10-15 business days to be processed. Student will receive an email as soon as the requested letter is available for pick-up. 

  • ISSS has learned in a recent update from the U.S. Department of State that invitation letters provided by Universities are not necessary and have no effect on visa issuance. "Each applicant applying for a visa must qualify on their own merits." Therefore, effective immediately, the ISSS Office will no longer provide invitation letters to students for use in inviting relatives to visit them. Below is a template that you may use:

    “My name is (your name). I am an F-1 international student at San José State University pursuing a (bachelor’s or master’s) in (major). I expect to complete my degree as of (month, year; May, August, or December 2013). I would like to invite my family to come to (choose: either #1: witness my University graduation on (specific date); or #2: visit me during my studies in the United States.

    May I request that visitor’s visa(s) be issued to my following family members:
    – Father: Mr. First Last Name DOB: Month-day-year
    – Mother: Mrs. First Last Name DOB: Month-day-year

    Thank you for your consideration."