News and Highlights


The MIS association has chosen not to have a Convocation this academic year. 

SISTech is offering a new elective starting Fall 2014 - BUS4 118S -02  Big Data 

McKinsey has estimated that we face a shortage of 1.5 million managers and analysts that have the know-how to understand and make decisions based on Big Data; but what is Big Data, and what are the Big Data challenges that businesses are grappling with?  Although the focus in the press has often been on statistics and data analytics, two aspects of Big Data that businesses implementing such projects have identified as significant are (1) getting the data ready for analysis (a.k.a. “data wrangling”), and (2) understanding and communicating the business proposition and value. In this course we will explore how different industries and the public sector are using Big Data, the Big Data life-cycle and data characteristics, operational issues relating to developing the business proposition, ethical considerations, and communicating the outcomes.  We will also look at current data wrangling and visualization tools.

Highlights and Awards

SISTech is a proud tradition of excellence and achievement. Take a moment to dig deeper into some of the selected highlights and awards listed below:

  • February 2010: Google recruits at SJSU campus for the first time ever, inviting MIS students only and praises the concentration & the quality of the applicants.

  • Fall 2008: SJSU's MIS concentration is one of the first universities to incorporate IBM's Virtual Learning Game "Innov8" into the curriculum to teach Business Process Design. Learn more...

  • August 2008: At a San Jose City Council meeting, Mayor Chuck Reed presents commendation to the MIS Honors student team that revamped the heritage tree portion of the city's website. Learn more...