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If I wind up attending SJSU, I would probably start in:

Tell me about yourself. What are you into? (check all that apply)

Music (listening):
Music (playing):
Collecting stuff:
Live Theater:
Sports (playing):
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Art (viewing):
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What about you and/or your background relates to your interest in MIS? (check all that apply)

I was interested in computers/technology growing up:
I have past work experience related to MIS:
I’m currently working in an MIS-related job:
I have relatives/friends work in MIS-related jobs:
I have work experience not related to MIS but in a tech-related organization:
I have work experience not related to MIS or tech but provides a context for applying tech in business:
I tend to be creative and/or problem-solver:
I like working on projects in teams or by myself:

We’re focused on helping students succeed and provide lots of resources to help. How would you describe your comfort level with school studies?

I’m already a strong student–mostly A’s & B’s (think about Honors):
I’m pretty solid–mostly at least B’s–but could do even better:
I get by, pass classes, but might do better when studying something I enjoy (eg. MIS?):
Sometimes I struggle a bit so looking for resources & inspiration from good professors (we’ve got both!):

What is it that appeals to you about MIS@SJSU? (check all that apply)

It’s a concentration within the undergrad Business program (Bachelor of Science in Bus Admin – BSBA):
MIS students get the same fundamentals as all other Business students but also learn tech (w/o extra units):
MIS grads are NOT geeks (can’t be b/c we have to work well with execs so they “get” how we can help them):
So many different kinds of jobs for MIS grads (not totally sure what you want to do for a career yet–np!):
Looking to work at cool techs like Google, Apple, etc.:
Looking to work at cool non-techs (BTW - one of our grads got hired to do MIS at SF Giants!):
Looking to work at cool non-profits, eg The Nature Conservancy, helping save the planet, etc:
Strong demand for MIS grads (BTW - one of our grads recently got a 6-figure salary straight out of SJSU!):
Women belong in MIS (they’re great at it and in extra-high demand now):
Our slogan: MIS = (Bus + Tech) * People:

I can keep you updated with info/news about the program/department (check all that apply):

Send me one email with info/links/resources based on the info I submit below:
Send me an email once/semester about MIS Club events:
Send me an email when there are events for prospective students like Open Houses, Sit-in-on-an-MIS class, QandA sessions, etc. (It’s ok to sign up even if you can’t attend most of these, just so you know about them.):
Send me an email when there is news about the MIS program, faculty, or students, eg. new classes, new professors, awards, etc:
Send me an email whenever there’s a new posting on your Director’s Blog (

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