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Tim HillHi, I’m Tim Hill! I’m a professor and the Director in charge of the Management Information Systems (MIS) program here at SJSU. Since you’re here, you must be thinking about entering the program at some point and you’re probably hoping to learn more?

I can totally help with that! I can be your Direct Connection to the MIS program at SJSU. If you want to let me know a bit about yourself, I can get to know you and customize our dialog to help you best. I will never share your info outside our offices AND I’ll only get in touch as often as you say you want below.


Currently, I’m attending:

If I wind up attending SJSU, I would probably start in:

Tell me about yourself. What are you into? (check all that apply)

Music (listening):
Music (playing):
Collecting stuff:
Live Theater:
Sports (playing):
Sports (watching):
Art (viewing):
Art (creating):

What about you and/or your background relates to your interest in MIS? (check all that apply)

I was interested in computers/technology growing up:
I have past work experience related to MIS:
I’m currently working in an MIS-related job:
I have relatives/friends work in MIS-related jobs:
I have work experience not related to MIS but in a tech-related organization:
I have work experience not related to MIS or tech but provides a context for applying tech in business:
I tend to be creative and/or problem-solver:
I like working on projects in teams or by myself:

We’re focused on helping students succeed and provide lots of resources to help. How would you describe your comfort level with school studies?

I’m already a strong student–mostly A’s & B’s (think about Honors):
I’m pretty solid–mostly at least B’s–but could do even better:
I get by, pass classes, but might do better when studying something I enjoy (eg. MIS?):
Sometimes I struggle a bit so looking for resources & inspiration from good professors (we’ve got both!):

What is it that appeals to you about MIS@SJSU? (check all that apply)

It’s a concentration within the undergrad Business program (Bachelor of Science in Bus Admin – BSBA):
MIS students get the same fundamentals as all other Business students but also learn tech (w/o extra units):
MIS grads are NOT geeks (can’t be b/c we have to work well with execs so they “get” how we can help them):
So many different kinds of jobs for MIS grads (not totally sure what you want to do for a career yet–np!):
Looking to work at cool techs like Google, Apple, etc.:
Looking to work at cool non-techs (BTW - one of our grads got hired to do MIS at SF Giants!):
Looking to work at cool non-profits, eg The Nature Conservancy, helping save the planet, etc:
Strong demand for MIS grads (BTW - one of our grads recently got a 6-figure salary straight out of SJSU!):
Women belong in MIS (they’re great at it and in extra-high demand now):
Our slogan: MIS = (Bus + Tech) * People:

I can keep you updated with info/news about the program/department (check all that apply):

Send me one email with info/links/resources based on the info I submit below:
Send me an email once/semester about MIS Club events:
Send me an email when there are events for prospective students like Open Houses, Sit-in-on-an-MIS class, QandA sessions, etc. (It’s ok to sign up even if you can’t attend most of these, just so you know about them.):
Send me an email when there is news about the MIS program, faculty, or students, eg. new classes, new professors, awards, etc:
Send me an email whenever there’s a new posting on your Director’s Blog (

What else are you wondering about? (check all that apply)

MIS Honors Program:
MIS Faculty:
MIS Students:
MIS Program (Courses):
MIS Projects:
Health Services:
Career Services:
Campus jobs:
Campus Food Services:
Gym Facilities:
Campus Safety:
Study Abroad:
Financial Aid:
On-campus Housing: