News and Highlights

SISTech is offering new electives:  BUS4 118i - Digital Innovation  & BUS4 118b - Business Intelligence 

118i Digital Innovation-  you'll learn how AI technologies, such as Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning, are transforming our world - from our personal lives to how organizations serve their stakeholders. You and your team will then use hands-on AI labs, lessons in design thinking, and AI toolkits to identify and investigate real world social issues in your own community and prototype creative, AI-powered solutions to these problems. Your team will pitch your final solution to a panel of professional judges, and in doing so, gain valuable start-up experience. Past solutions have even been featured on media outlets including ABC7 News and IBM Blogs! So join us in 118i to learn how you can succeed in an AI-related career and make a difference in your community through digital innovation!

118b Business Intelligence - With tons of data being generated every minute, organizations of all size and type struggle to make sense of it all, and more importantly, use it to make operational, tactical, and strategic decisions. In this course you'll gain some of the most in-demand skills to help an organization do just that. With a hands-on lessons and concrete working examples, you'll learn to:

- Create visualizations such as interactive dashboards to track business performance

- Segment customers to support marketing strategies

- Identify likely fraudulent transactions

- Forecast customer churn and product demand

... and more

You'll use leading software tools and libraries to clean and prepare data and then use it with popular supervised and unsupervised learning techniques such as linear and logistic regression, decision trees, cluster analysis, text mining, and others to create value and inform business decision

Highlights and Awards

SISTech has a proud tradition of excellence and achievement.

  • February 2010: Google recruits at SJSU campus for the first time ever, inviting MIS students only and praises the concentration and the quality of the applicants.

  • Fall 2008: SJSU's MIS concentration is one of the first universities to incorporate IBM's Virtual Learning Game "Innov8" into the curriculum to teach Business Process Design.

  • August 2008: At a San Jose City Council meeting, Mayor Chuck Reed presents commendation to the MIS Honors student team that revamped the heritage tree portion of the city's website.

Highlights from the Honors Program

What MIS Honors Alumni say about their experience:

The MIS Honors Program highlighted my academic career at San Jose State.  The benefit of practicing in a real world setting maximizes impact and retention of theory, while exposing “unteachable” moments, thus making them teachable.  In addition to the real world skills learned from this program, not enough can be said of the expansion of your personal network through exclusive opportunities.  Becoming involved and a citizen of this elite community will build life-long friendships and advantages that will assist you in all aspects of your life. The MIS Honors Program provides the opportunity to differentiate yourself, prepare you, and connect you with others in your career.

Keith Gapol
MIS Honors Student - AY2012/2013
Catholic Charities
Web-based Knowledge System

The MIS Honor Program was hands down the most valuable experience I had at SJSU. Like most graduates I can attest to the "real-world" work experience. Professor Sawyer taught us valuable workplace skills; the importance of clear and concise language, constant communication, and how to structure a project in order to aid in it's success. The MIS Honors program is set apart from other classes. You get to work with other motivated students and real world sponsors. You are providing significant value for your project sponsors, by practicing all the theory you learnt from other classes.

Klarence OuYang
MIS Honors Student - AY2012/2013
CIO Scholarship Fund (CRM Implementation)
IT Analyst, Cisco Systems

Without a second thought, I would say that the MIS Honors Practicum was the highlight of my entire SJSU experience. We created a mobile application for internal use at the Tech Museum for our project. I am working with my family's business, but I have heard time and time again how important the Honors project was for fellow alumni in landing their first job.

Jimmy Sigona
MIS Honors Student -AY 2011/2012
The Tech Museum (IT Ops. Dashboard)
Director, Sigona's Fruit For Thought

What Business Sponsors say about their experience:

The SJSU Honors program has provided IHS/ESP with a highly effective means of extending our product development into new areas.  The skill, dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism these honors students have brought into our company have impressed us all.

David Cain, 
Product Manager, IHS/ESP

Great experience! Great work product!

The students showed great professionalism, worked well as a team, showed great initiative, and intuitiveness to ask questions that lead to a greater work project. These students were able to take thoughts and ideas and develop a workable solution with minimal direction.

James C. Powell, 
Product Regulatory Affairs Program Manager
Agilent Technologies

Working with the SJSU Honors Students on a collaborative project was a delightful process.  We were amazed at the talents that these good young people brought to the project and their ability to learn new techniques and skills to accomplish the tasks. The result of their efforts is an urban forestry website that we are very proud of, and is a project that, if contracted out, would have likely been far more expensive and difficult to achieve the high level of quality that these students accomplished.

Ralph L. Mize
City Arborist
City of San Jose

Dr. Jeanne Sawyer's MIS Honors Team receives a commendation from  Mayor Chuck Reed and San José City Council for their website.